Protect Plus is a family of safety technologies, designed to work in unison to protect your child in the 
event of an accident.

Active Air Pad adds a third, soft layer of protection to your child. It cushions the head, gently expelling air before the 8 shock absorbing domes further dissapate crash forces. In conjunction with Armour Tech, Active Air Pad reduces crash energy to well below the requirements of the Australian Standard.

Armour Tech is the foundation of our Protect Plus System. It is a layer of air held within the entirety of the child restraint shell. This cocoon of air provides an increased level of protection across the entire surface area of the restraint, which compliments and elevates the performance of Side Impact Pod and Active Air Pad.

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Side Impact Pod is a safety technology integrated directly into the child restraint headrest. It is  designed to offer superior structural integrity, advanced impact management, and optimal positioning of your child's head in the event of an accident. It adds additional air cushioning between your child's head and the impact point, keeping them as far from harm as possible.

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© 2021 SecureSafe

A 100% family owned Australian company.


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